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Prefinished Pine Pattern

Product Details

Two Options available

1×6 #2 Pattern WP4 End-Matched
1×6 #2 Pattern WP4 End-Matched
1×8 #2 Pattern 116 End-Matched
1×8 #2 Pattern 116 End-Matched

Standard Lengths are 6’, 8’, 10’, and 12’ (14’ and 16’ are available by special order)

Installation Instructions click here.

Approximate Installed Coverage per piece

1x6 Square ft. per piece
6' 2.4
8' 3.2
10' 4.0
12' 4.9
1x8 Square ft. per piece
6' 3.3
8' 4.4
10' 5.5
12' 6.6


What kind of finish should I use for my trim?
The best product to use for trim is a Brushable Polyurethane Satin finish.

Can I install this product on the outside of my home/building?
This  product is designed for interior use only, all other uses are at owners risk.

What is the best way to fasten/secure the product to my wall?
Depends on your application, please see the installation instructions included click here.

Why does the product darken after I install it?
All wood products darken when exposed to light, both natural and artificial. These changes are minimal and occur over a period of time.

Can we paint over the finish?
We do not advise painting a Prefinished product. If you are looking for a painted finish it is much cheaper to buy an unfinished product.