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Supreme Pine Pattern

Supreme Pine PatternPine paneling is often associated with Early American décor in kitchens, family rooms, dens and bedrooms. However, new finishing techniques and patterns make it appropriate for contemporary or traditional settings.

Ponderosa Pine, in both knotty and clear grades, is available in a wide range of paneling patterns. Many patterns are reversible, offering a choice of pattern or surface finish in a single panel. However, it’s important to remember that paneling boards are inspected and graded on the patterned or face side; the back or reverse side may have characteristics which would make it a lower grade, but desirable for a specific design effect.

Most lumber dealers carry a limited selection of paneling patterns in stock, but can special order any of the standard patterns. Some dealers will arrange to have a unique pattern custom milled.

Neiman Enterprise’s Custom Moulder Facility was specifically designed to mill a high quality product that can go directly to finish applications. With precision end-matching, custom pattern capabilities and packaging options, the possibilities for Rushmore Supreme are nearly endless.

Supreme Pine Pattern trim

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