Renewable Resources for a Sustainable World.




What is Sustainable Forestry?

Sustainable Forestry means providing for today’s needs without jeopardizing future generations the ability to provide for their needs.

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Sustainable Forestry Fiber Sourcing and Implantation Policy PDF

SFI Certificate

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Sustainable Forest initiative

Sustainable Forestry Fiber Sourcing and Implementation Policy

Environmentally responsible buildings and building products are becoming increasingly mainstream. Green building is attracting consumer demand and being embraced by planners, designers, architects, builders and customers.

The choice of building materials has a huge impact on the environment. And wood’s inherent properties – as a sustainable, natural, and renewable resource – make it an excellent environmental choice for any new construction or renovation, as long as it comes from a responsible source. As the largest single forest certification standard in the world, the SFI program is well positioned to meet the growing demand for certified products.

Wood production consumes less energy, emits less greenhouse gases, releases fewer pollutants into the air and generates much less water pollution compared to steel and concrete. In addition, trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as they grow, sequestering and storing the carbon while producing oxygen – and this reduces greenhouse gases and improves air quality.

More and more buyers – including governments, businesses and individuals – are asking for wood products from responsible sources – like Neiman Enterprises. SFI-certified products are recognized by many leading green building rating programs in the United States, Canada and overseas.

What We Do To Insure Forest Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainable forestry includes: